Monday, December 16, 2013

350: procrastination pyramid

By the end of the day, this will be an Egyptian pyramid. So glad that they assigned this over a month ago and Jayden just informed us the day before it was due!
The best picture I could get...I was a bit shocked that Skyler got an award at his cross country banquet.  There are over 130 kids on the team and the banquet usually recognizes the graduating seniors, but they had some awards for the frosh/soph runners.  Skyler won the "FUTURE STATE CHAMPION" award.  I thought that was pretty impressive considering the skills of all the other runners on his team. It kinda made sitting through the 3 HOURS a little more bearable! {I'm not joking with the 3 was sloooowww death!}
So my life wouldn't be my life if their wasn't chaos! My phone's battery died during the marathon banquet,so I couldn't get the texts informing me that Ryder was throwing up all over the place. GREAT! So now we have a sick one, Jayden's pyramid needs to be finished and painted, and I had to plan my lesson for seminary. It was a very late night/early morning! 
{by the headdress is that of wicked King Noah}

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