Wednesday, November 30, 2011

334: all we need is a studio

Apparently all we really need is a 1 bedroom home! When we got our new couches we moved the sectional up to the play room and moved the older sectional from the play room into our room (until we can figure out what we want to do with it). The boys seemed to find it an open invitation to take residency in our room. Despite having 6 bedrooms in our home, our boys never want to be in their own room..they never want to be alone. So that puts them either in our room or the playroom. It goes against all good parenting, but I am becoming a very lazy parent and don't want to fight it! I'm imagining there will be a day, sooner than later, that they won't want to all be together, so I'm relishing their need for each other while it's still there!
*this is truly how they sleep! Ryder sprawled out, Jayden..he talks in his sleep, and Skyler..always likes his face covered.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

333: another tree

I have found that the best way to protect your hands when fluffing an artificial tree is to wear dish gloves! 2 trees down, 1 to go!

Monday, November 28, 2011

332: dear santa...

It won't be much longer before these envelopes are a thing of the past! Kinda makes me a little sad to think about it! Skyler even made one! I know that he probably has caught on, afterall, he is in 7th grade, but he hasn't let on that he has. He just goes along with it. I think he is conflicted..he wants to believe, but can't let on to his friends! Just as long as he doesn't ruin it for his brothers!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

331: happy early birthday

An early birthday cake for Jim! Who are we matter how delicious the cake was, all he wanted was the frosting!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

330: a day at the beach

Where else do you take family who is visiting from COLD COLORADO on a beautiful, sunny, 80 degree California winter day?  The beach! We drove down to Coronado for an amazing day at the beach! The boys even got in the water, terrified of the stingray warnings, they didn't stay in for long! Capped it off with a trip to Rubio's so Joel could have his fish tacos!

Friday, November 25, 2011

329: san diego zoo..the tree

Everyone was itching for an activity outside of the house. Mom and Dad Geddie suggested the San Diego Zoo. I had to stay home because we had an appointment to have our upstairs Christmas lights installed..shoot! Oh well, I guess this would be a great time to start the tree! So with Christmas music belting through the house, I began work on the task that is this large, 9ft. tree! It seriously took me all day! the worst part of all, but on a fake tree, one of the most important! I had to make a pit stop at Michaels for a few extra things, but I was able to finish it and hang the downstairs, outdoor lights up before the family got home from the zoo. I love how it turned out, but it was still a little different for me! It's growing on me more and more everyday! It's good to have a mix-up once in awhile. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

328: thanksgiving

 A pre-dinner hike in the hills behind our house! A rather large snake cut the hike short!
Jana and I..I hadn't seen Jana since I visited her in Atlanta back in 2006 shortly after she adopted Malia! {I was in the airport when I heard the news that Steve: the Crocodile Hunter had been killed. Also, the day I got home, I got called to be the YW President!}
 Jana, Aaron, Malia, and Jonah Larsen
I am so grateful this Thanksgiving day for the wonderful blessings in my life! I have more than I deserve! I'm grateful that Jim's family could come out from Colorado and spend the week with us! I am also so grateful that my dear friend Jana and her family could spend Thanksgiving with us {they made a quick, impromptu trip from Georgia to spend the week in Carlsbad!}. I'm grateful that we did not have to go to HOME TOWN BUFFET and that we had plenty of food to eat! I love having my home full of friends and family. I love creating great memories and reflecting on the old ones! It was a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

327: uncle joel and ryder

I've been trying forever to get Ryder to learn how to ride his bike! His name even lends itself to riding a bike, but he will have nothing to do with it, so I thought having someone other than myself try might work! Nope! He is as stubborn with others as he is with me! Uncle Joel gave it a valiant try, but Ryder is still Rideless. Remember...he was 4 1/2 before he would potty train! STUBBORN!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

326: chips

With company coming, I stocked the pantry! 8 bags of different chips..if there is not one here that they like, then they are too picky and I have other choice words to share with them! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

325: the hassle for clean carpets

The carpets were in dire need of cleaning! The only problem with having them cleaned, is all the moving of furniture that must be done. It was definitely a major pain..however, the kids loved building forts all day with the furniture being so close together. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

324: i've been refreshed!

Back in April, at the Boy Scout auction, I won 1 hour of decorating services from "Refresh Your Nest" {my friends' Kristi & Bobette!} Well..Kristi just got called to be the new Relief Society president in our ward and I made the joke that I better cash in before the company takes a little hiatus! No sooner did I say that, that Bobette was at my house and planning things out. Unlike me, Bobette can have a room done in a day! They love to shop..I do not! Within a few days the room was pulled together. I did contribute a few things..light fixture, drapes, white comforter, and the lamps came from my living room! The room definitely feels REFRESHED!! Thanks girls!! Bring on the guests! 
{Tella, that's an open invitation!}
*It's hard to photograph a tiny room!

323: frustrating installation

Kinda a funny story behind this light fixture...but I'm going to keep that one to myself! After exchanging one {because the 1st one didn't work}, we finally got the light working! Not too shabby for $69.95 at Costco! It was the perfect addition to the refreshed guest room!

Friday, November 18, 2011

322: christmas superstore

With only about 4 hours of sleep, I set off on another busy, but fun day! Chanin and I drove down to San Diego to go Schnoda's..a giant wholesalers warehouse of decorators stuff! It was a mecca for all things Christmas. Every row had another theme or color of decorations! A little overwhelming, but fun and fairly inexpensive! After 8 years of a very traditional red/gold tree, I had decided to mix it up and go completely different. I have been collecting ornaments and stuff for awhile and this store helped me finish off my stash! Later that night, it was Skyler's end of the year football banquet! Didn't get a good picture so I took a picture of the giant poster they made for him. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

321: day of chaos

 Another extremely busy for me, institute, boys home from school, Skyler basketball practice, Ryder birthday party at Pump it Up, Jayden's soccer banquet {which I was in charge of}, and then the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn! 
*and you wonder why I always get so behind on my blog!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

320: ryders team party

This is the season for end of the year parties! Tonight was the party for Ryder's Neon Ninjas! Short, sweet, and to the point! My favorite kind of team party!!
{coach Holly was amazing with these boys!}

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

319: RIP lightbulbs

I seem to be the last to know about everything! I just learned that starting this Jan. 2011 kids have to be in boosters seats who are not 8 years old and 80 pounds! Shoot, that's some middle schoolers I know! Then, last night, while at Home Depot looking for a particular lightbulb, I learned that lightbulbs are going extinct. At least the old school ones. The factories have already been closed and starting Jan. 1 2012 you will not be able to get regular bulbs..everything will be these terribly expensive, low wattage crap! I totally can understand why Gov. Perry wants to get rid of the Dept. of Energy, even if he can't remember it! 
I guess I will become a lightbulb horder..I can't stand the energy efficient, ugly swirly bulbs! They not only give off an awful looking light, they just are not very aesthetic to look at!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

318: sick skyler

Sickness seems to be rampant around town! Skyler is the latest victim! Took him to the Dr. and all they did for him was give him a breathing treatment! Despite earaches, they said he didn't have an ear infection, just upper respiratory congestion.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

317: jayden and his sock

Random picture, yes! But this is everyday life with Jayden! The kid, when he takes off his shoes, will only wear 1 sock! He has been doing this for as long as I can remember. When I ask him why, he says it just feels better. To each their own! Jayden has always beat to his own drum! These are the things I'm sure I will miss when he gets older {assuming he stops wearing only 1 sock when he gets older..hoping he stops wearing only 1 sock when he gets older!}

Saturday, November 12, 2011

316: great sportsmanship!

I woke up very early Saturday morning to pouring rain! My first thought, "Awesome..Ryder's game will be canceled!" Then we got the text that the game at 8:00 a.m. was still on, rain or shine!
Fun for the kids, purely wet for the parents! This was classic Ryder..the other team scored and immediately he gave them a thumbs down and said BOOO! Apparently good sportsmanship hasn't sunk in much with Ryder!

Friday, November 11, 2011

315: 11*11*11 , 11:11

I'm a sucker for things like this! Especially knowing it will never happen again in my lifetime!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

314: another broken lamp!

This is why I never have lamps in my house!! I had 2 lamps I totally loved! The housecleaners broke the first one, and Jayden just broke the second! ARRRRRGGGHH! 
3 boys + nice things = disaster! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

313: geddie family photos..oceanside pier

A sneak peek at our family photo shoot! After having to reschedule 2 times because of rain, we finally got them done..and on the most beautiful day ever! Just look at this sunset..this is without photoshop!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

312: ryder's 1st love letter

I was cleaning out Ryder's backpack and came across this...his first love letter. My first reaction cute is this! Then I got to thinking, great..I'm really going to have to watch out for this casanova! Apparently several girls in his class have a crush on him. Never had this issue with my other boys, not even currently with my 7th grader! Heaven help me..this red head is going to be the death of me! 
{but cute is this! Ryderrrr, I like you! You are good! It's much better than the alternative!}

Monday, November 7, 2011

311: a sad ending, but a good fight!

Jayden's soccer team, The Green Strikers, made it to the playoffs! It was a very exciting and nerve racking game! The first goal of the game wasn't scored till the end of the 4th us! Unfortunately, the other team handed it right back to us with a quick score. So the game was tied 1-1. We went into overtime..with no score! Then on to second overtime. Sadly, in the last minute of  overtime, one of the other teams players {which happens to be our friend} had a breakaway, took a shot and scored. It was a great game but the boys were a little disappointed! Jayden had one of his best games ever and was named the "Starburst" player of the game! Driving home, a few tears were shed! Then comes the question that no parent really has the answer for, "Why didn't Heavenly Father answer my prayers? I prayed to do good and he didn't listen!" Ummm..sometimes we don't always get what we want! Yeah, that's a standard answer but not exactly what a 9 year old, who is heart broken, wants to hear.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

310: happy early thanksgiving

With my parents being home for a short visit, we decided to have an early Thanksgiving dinner. It was a small group, but the cooking is basically the same if you have 6 or 20! I dusted off my grandparents very old china for the occasion. We had the works, but I had to take it one step further and try a new recipe. I saw this beautiful cake on the cover of BHG and said, me, the non-baker, was going to make that..and I did! It was a coconut, cranberry and walnut concoction! I wish I could photograph food better. The lighting doesn't really do it justice, but I was pleased with the outcome..even if I don't really enjoy baked goods! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

309: happy birthday charlie

It was my nephew Charlie's 4th birthday so I drove the boys up to Pasadena for his party! My sister threw him a train party, complete with a bounce house and decorate your own train cake. It's nearly impossible to get Charlie to slow down and smile, so I got what I got. But his little brother Peter, he's a ham!

Friday, November 4, 2011

308: Ryders award

Not the best picture..but it's all I had! It was pouring rain so they had Friday flag salute in the MPR. Ryder was recognized for learning all his rainbow words! Now it's onto sundae words!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

307: meet the masters marathon

I'm the art docent in both Jayden and Ryder's class at school. Each month they learn about an artist and then do a project relating to that artist. Today was a marathon of art. I taught in Ryder's class, took a small break, then came back for Jayden's class. We made clay pots and painted designs on them. One of the more simple projects!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

306: sad sad day in the geddie home!

It was a very sad night at the Geddie home! Skyler went to go check on Dygger and he wasn't moving. I followed the sobs and crys and found that Dygger had finished his race..he was now in tortoise heaven. The boys took it terribly hard! We had tears most the night. Dygger was a part of our family for 5 years! Though tortoises are suppose to live much longer, I think in our home, 5 years is pretty long. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

305: surprise!

My parents came home from their mission in Nauvoo for a short visit to pick up some winter clothes and go to some Dr. appointments. They had arranged a ride home with someone in their ward, but we couldn't have them so close and not see them, so Jayden, Ryder, and I drove up to surprise them! They were indeed surprised! The boys were at the bottom of the escalator and my mom didn't even recognize them until she was almost at the bottom! It was a quick visit, but we would see them more during the week!